The Winthrop Group needed an informational site that would showcase their expertise, give examples of case studies and influence new clients to contact them for consulting services.

The Approach
We used the visual metaphor of sports and games to accentuate The Winthrop Group’s ability to help companies thrive in the competitive business environment through teamwork and passionate commitment. 

Case studies were presented in two ways; “Search by Industry” and “Search by Type of Project.” A section of “What Our Clients Say” and another with their extensive client list proved their credibility and experience with new clients. 

The Result
The new website expanded The Winthrop Group’s marketing reach and increased the efficiency of their communication with clients and prospects. It gives them higher visibility on the web, particularly via search engines. It enables them to direct their clients and prospects to relevant case studies and success stories, described on the site, with ease. And it allows their client’s primary decision makers – usually CEO’s – to share Winthrop Group’s expertise and track record with their employees by simply referring them to the Winthrop Group website for more information. View site »

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