Design for People, Pets, and the Planet

A great website helps you communicate with your customers and opens the door to new business. A badly designed website can ruin your day.

The key to great experiences on the web and mobile is called User Experience. It’s the ability to put yourself in the heart and soul of your audience and direct them to your content in a way that feels seamless. At ellenperry design we have many years of experience creating websites that people use and enjoy. We’re here to help you with a step by step process that we think you’ll find extremely valuable. Creating or improving your online presence is often a journey of self-discovery for you as well.

Check out Projects & Process for an in-depth look at our approach and results. We work successfully with many types of organizations; start-ups, large corporations, non-profit organizations, universities, professionals, and family-owned businesses. Whatever the size of your project, we can help you understand your viewers and strategically develop an interface design that will meet your needs.

Please contact Ellen,, if you have questions, ideas to share, or a project you need help on. In this increasingly fragmented world of technology just remember ellenperry design is here to help you be in demand and be inspired!

Design is important. To keep it all going we need energy. That’s why I am passionate about solar power. I believe going solar is the most important thing we can do for people, pets, and the planet.

Do you you have high electric bills and wish you could get clean energy but think it’s too expensive? Well, guess what? Solar power is now available to a lot more people at little to no up-front cost.

Send me your name, address, and contact info and I’ll let you know upfront if you’re qualified and what your savings could be.

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